Gathering the Tears

See My Tears 

A movement of love, crying out the truth of abortion

All who have been wounded by the choice are invited to finish these following sentences:

I was told … or … I was coerced …

What were you told when abortion was presented to you as a solution? Or how were you coerced into abortion?

(Abortion doesn’t happen alone, often it is presented to women as the best solution to an unplanned or complicated pregnancy by other’s intending to help. Many times women are coerced into abortion by someone who should protect and provide for them and their unborn child.)

I believed …

After abortion was presented, what did you believe abortion had to offer you?

Now I know …

What was the reality of your abortion experience? What would you want someone considering abortion or providing abortion to know about this?

My baby’s name is …

See my tears.

This is how he healed me …

This optional section is a proclamation of the healing that can be found in Christ.

Share the healing journey you are on in knowing Christ’s love for you and receiving his forgiveness. How did Christ reach you where you were at, after abortion?

The long term vision is to create an art installation including the testimonies gathered through See My Tears.

The installation would feature a physical wall of thousands of crystal tears with water flowing down it, each tear would have a correlating testimony that you could follow through a spiral into the center where you will discover another piece of art (large sculpture/painting) depicting a woman grieving after abortion. On the way out of the spiral, the walls will be covered in testimonies of the healing and restoration so many have found in Christ.

The installation will travel from city to city through churches.



Carefully consider if you would like to participate in this special message. The last thing we want is to create more stress and pressure for you. Know that you and your child are loved. Our deepest and only desire is for your continued healing and peace. For healing resources please visit: Healing After Abortion

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

Psalm 56:8 New Living Translation (NLT)


If you would like to proceed by placing your tears upon the wall to be counted and seen, please fill out the form below. Together we will defeat the lie that abortion is a solution to a difficult situation.


A gift to add to our prayers. We are holding out hearts in love and peace, praying for the conversion of abortion workers.